ISO 9001 Quality

Certifications at PSL Print Management

PSL Print Management appreciate the need for measurable standards and have engaged with ISOQAR to secure five significant certifications. PSL Print Management is audited annually by external providers and maintain standards internally through quarterly audits and a system of non-conformances that ensure any errors are captured, recorded and corrected.

ISO 9001 Quality

Full certification was achieved in 2012, by introducing best practices as set out in the certification PSL Print Management has become more efficient, more connected and achieved significant growth throughout this period.

ISO 14001 Environment

Received certification in 2016, and has supported a number of green initiatives already in place. PSL’s carbon footprint has been reduced through the introduction of energy efficient lighting and recycling of waste, including paper and plastics.

ISO 27001 Data Security

Certified in 2016 PSL Print Management has evaluated risks to information both electronically and physically, to ensure it is adequately protected against threats, proving to staff, clients and prospects that PSL takes the security of their personal / business information seriously.

ISO 22301 Business Continuity

Since receiving this certification in 2016 PSL Print Management has a greater understanding of risks to the company and has been able to prioritise those threats so they can be mitigated and factored into business planning to ensure the smooth running of our critical functions during a time of crisis.

ISO 45001 Health & Safety

This certification, achieved in 2016, has enabled PSL Print Management to put put in place policies, procedures and controls which have reduced work place accidents and illness and created the best possible working conditions across the organisation.

Cyber Essentials

PSL Print Management Ltd, like virtually every organisation relies on digital services in some way and recognise, where there is technology, there is risk.

By achieving Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certification, we protect our organisation against such threats and demonstrate to our business partners, regulators and suppliers that we take cyber security seriously.